5 Pinterest Tools Every Web Marketer Should Have

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26 December 2012
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5 Pinterest Tools For Entrepreneurs

Pinterest, the pinboard-style photo sharing website that allows users to create and manage theme-based image collections such as events, interests, hobbies, and more has continued its rapid ascent to the top ever since they went online. Everyday, more and more internet marketers start using this service and it is quickly gaining the preference of the entrepreneur’s community and on this post we got 5 Pinterest tools every entrepreneur should have.

At Social Media Combo, we are fans of Pinterest, because in addition to being fun, it lets us share images and photos with others allowing us to meet new people, while others get to know about our blog and the social media services that we carry out.

Gradually emerging services, applications, and extensions for browsers are being added to the ecosystem of Pinterest, and that’s why we’re gonna be writing about 5 Pinterest tools that will enhance your experience using Pinterest, but not without before reminding you all that you can follow our “Boards” on Pinterest


1) SpinPicks

 SpinPicks is a new service that lets you find images and interesting videos to put on your Pinterest boards. Get images from the Flickr Creative Commons, Instagram, Twitpic, Reddit/R, PicPlz and Youtube database. Right now they are in beta, but if you include your email address and confirm it from an email that their service almost immediately sends, one can access it and start using it right away.


2) Pinerly

 The new tool — still in beta at the moment — lets you create “campaigns” around pins that track views and clickthroughs on pins you create. We have a beta account right now and have been experimenting. Check out some of Pinerly’s highlights from one of our sources. 


3) WiseStamp Pinterest

 The gorgeous Pinterest Email App is the best way to get eyeballs to your pins. Add the Pinterest App to enrich each email you send and show your latest pins and link to your profile. It’s that simple.
This Email App comes with 2 layout placement options, Footer & Sidebar – presenting to the bottom or side of your emails. Download the Wisestamp App


4) Snapito!

It easily lets take a screenshot of any webpage and post it on your Pinterest boards. 

Just enter a website address into the box above their website and click on the Snap! button to take a screenshot. 


5) Pinspiration

Pinspiration is the best way to browse and post to Pinterest on your Windows phone. Think of Pinterest as a virtual pinboard — a place to catalog and share the things you love.  

 These are just 5 Pinterest tools for entrepreneurs, but if one does a basic Google search there will be a lot more of useful apps for Pinterest. If you know of any in particular and you would want to share it don’t be shy and let us know..

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