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16 June 2013
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7 tips on how to get more Twitter followers quick!

Many people don’t know how to use Twitter effectively, much less how to get more Twitter  followers quick when they first open an account on the 140 character micro-blog. Having a lot of  followers on Twitter can help you create a community around your business and your brand, find potential customers and sell your products and/or services more easy. So, in order to get more followers quick you have to be willing to offer really interesting and valuable information. Posting good news, videos and photos has always been a major marketing strategy that is effective and will sure help you achieve the impact you want on this phenomenal social network.
According to a Barracuda.com study, only 5% of Twitter users have over 1,000 followers. And, according to the same study, almost 70% of users is related to the online marketing and the entrepreneur world. But without followers, who are you going to communicate with? Without followers, it will be impossible for you to use Twitter as a marketing and communication tool.
How to Get more followers on Twitter:
For this purpose, we have placed special emphasis on certain topics that have given us positive results and that can help your brand as well attracting new and potential followers:
1. Specialized Information on your niche
get more twitter followers quick The people want and expect people or companies that follow them on Twitter to have specialized information on their niche, either information about new updates, tips, strategies that work, the “how” to make things, and so on. You have to be a filter of great information and display only relevant and valuable information to your followers. You should never tweet about things that your followers won’t have any interest on. Remember, its really easy to click on the “Block” button.
2. Communicating your views
There is plenty of information on the Internet, sometimes we can say that we’re over informed and having the opinion of the people you follow is something that people value. Don’t be shy and go ahead and comment on things that are happening in your industry or in life itself, your followers will thank you for it and it is very likely for them to start an online conversation on the topic that you started.
3. Humor
It is not all about work, some sense of humor with a ‘smiley’ face to your followers is an excellent way to approach them. Usually people make a RT to these kind of humor Tweets and they are very popular among the regular users on Twitter. Don’t do this all the time though, 1 tweet per day or 3 a week will come very well to your followers.
4. Interesting News
Twitter is the social network where the newspapers copy their headlines. Using Twitter also allows us to know about the things that are happening around the globe in real-time, like elections, natural disasters, presentations, and so on. We can be a generator of very important news.
5. Recommend who to follow
People always want to follow interesting people or recognized brands. Never miss out on recommendations, this will create a humble image of you and your followers will reciprocate by recommending their own followers. Remember this is Karma, do good things and they will return to you like a boomerang.
6. Tweet constantly
Many times we’ve seen some Twitter accounts where the last “Tweet” was sent 7 or 10+ days ago and only to make a self-promotion or throw out an affiliate link that’s not interesting to anyone. Try making your use of Twitter into something constant, interact with your followers, recommend things, don’t be shy and give out your opinions. People who visit your account on Twitter will notice that you’re a person that contributes a lot and decide to click on the “Follow” button.
7. Tweet a little about yourself
We ain’t talking about your last book or your affiliate link or products you sell.. When we say talk a little about yourself once in a while, we mean tweeting about your latest projects, what books have you read?, your interests, your favorite football team, your weekend joys and so on. This personal method will take you closer to your followers because they will start to see you as a close person, a person whom they can trust and also share part of their life as well.
Bottom line:
Although each person has their particular tastes, if you want to get more Twitter followers quick or make a better use of the power that technology puts in your hands, write about things can help you improve. A balance of each of these points, at the time of generating tweets, will make you look as a reference, and more people will interact with you by following your Tweets.
We really hope you have enjoyed this post on how to get more Twitter followers. It’s all about social media so why not share it with your friends on other social media networks like on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin and also feel free to share your opinion in a “Tweet” or another blog post. And if you have any questions don’t forget to use our contact page or visit our Facebook page.
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