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22 November 2012
Social Media
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Social Media In 2013

As 2012 comes to its end and the forecasts for the next year becomes more promising we look forward to an even more exciting 2013. Although it’s true that we leave behind a very interesting year that’s brought us the 2012 Olympic Games of London which were considered the most social Olympic games ever and the U.S.A elections that was equally captivating, it should be no surprise that 2013 should be an interesting year as well.

With that said, the big and small opportunities that present themselves daily, the well thought-out purchases or the impulsed buys, the whole world is trying to actively involve its consumers. As with any “face to face” interaction it is difficult to begin a conversation if the participants have nothing in common. The relationship needs to build off something they have in common or at least have a familiarity of the topic to be discussed.

social media in 2013So what happens when there is no common event or familiarity with which the seller and the consumers can speak about? For some, it can be terrifying, like filling the room with an awkward silence during a  conversation with someone you want to impress. Normally the persons end up by speaking about themselves, or saying something inappropriate that has no context. That’s why, in 2013, with focus and a plan, the seller can avoid doing the same.

Stimulate Conversations

2013 will also be a year of big innovation in the commercialization and the creation of relationships between sellers and consumers. In absence of a big event, the seller will need to create their own contextual conversations. What we do know that is of great importance is that continuous commitment seems to be the favorite of conversation. This is achieved if both have a common topic of interest. Many sellers believe elaborated strategies and interactions are the way to go but sometimes just a simple interaction can be very powerful. A simple message from a seller followed up by a simple answer may just be what is needed.

Measurement And Results

A measured approach for 2013 is appropriate as well as prudent. At the present it is quite difficult to measure the value of commitments from sellers in their conversations, but it is considered to be paramount, therefore this problem will only worsen in the following years if not addressed. Just as in the face to face conversations, if we read a good story, we want to share it with others. The same happens in the marketing messages: if it moves us or touches us somehow, we are compelled to share it. This approval is superior and more powerful than anything a seller could say or do. Shared consumer content is the future! Welcome 2013 as it appears to be a promising year!

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